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Gain argument confidence as you learn to take your hardest moments and transform them into growth, connection, and understanding.

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Online Relationship Course


A step-by-step guide to eliminate crappy communication so that you can GROW CLOSER in your relationship.

In this 6-week relationship course experience, you’ll go from feeling frustrated and withdrawn, to close and connected as you experience a total shift in the way you communicate with your partner.


A 1-day Couples Workshop

RECONNECT with your partner by learning to move through the 3 phases of a healthy relationship with ease and confidence.




For couples who are ready to renew, grow, + empower their relationships.

The only way out is through. 

From couples therapy to trauma therapy, we've got you covered.

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Stop settling for less than you deserve


Relationship’s aren’t something to just be tolerated! Let’s disarm that defensiveness and learn powerful new ways to connect and grow together. Whether it’s make or break, we can help with: Communication, Boundaries, Affairs, Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Intimacy, Family Conflict, Trauma, Addiction, Divorce + Separation.

Because you can heal from your past!

EMDR + Trauma Therapy​​​

Unprocessed painful situations are the birthplace of trauma. Left untreated, these difficulties can lead to a wide range of reactions and emotions. EMDR + trauma therapy helps to understand triggers, process difficult events, heal your inner child, and learn new ways to cope.

EMDR with Knot Counseling helps to heal trauma, anxiety and depression.
EMDR and trauma therapy with Knot Counseling helps women let go the past.

Because There's No Better Time Than Now!


Sad. Stuck. Lonely. Irritable. Depression can affect you in so many ways and interferes with your ability to love, connect and live a full life. Depression therapy can help you: Access your inner wisdom Increase compassion + self-acceptance Liberate yourself from negative thought patterns.

Because you Deserve Better!


Free your mind from constant fear, worry, and panic by reworking your inner wisdom. Anxiety treatment strengthens your calm, releases unhelpful beliefs so that you are in control, and grounds you in the moment with restorative awareness.

BIPOC feeling free after anxiety therapy using EMDR with Knot Counseling in Lakewood, Colorado

Learn to love your brain!


ADHD makes you feel like you're always behind...always trying to catch up...always trying to show up. ADHD therapy helps you to be you, but in a better, more efficient way.

Reach your Potential!

Neurofeedback therapy

Neurofeedback therapy is a non-invasive, extremely powerful tool to enhance brain performance. You'll learn to recognize specific patterns of your own brain activity and strengthen its attention, concentration, focus, memory and self-regulation. It's like having a personal trainer for your brain!

Hi! I'm Melissa

and I’m so glad you’re here!

Maybe you’re here for counseling to strengthen your relationship. If so, I love that…because life’s too short for mediocre relationships.

Or, maybe you’re here because you’re just not feeling like the best version of yourself. If that’s the case, I respect your desire to want more.

Either way, growth is an ADVENTURE. It requires us to embrace the messiness and LET GO of what’s not serving us. Sometimes that’s hard, and sometimes that’s exciting. But one thing I know for sure is it’s always WORTH IT!

Melissa Shaw, LCSW

Owner + Therapist

Our Big-Hearted Therapists

Ashley Jara



“Experience the transformative power of balance by releasing and rejuvenating stagnant and stuck energy.”

sex therapy lakewood co

Dr. Chelsea Page



“Embrace your authentic self, ignite your passion, and unleash the extraordinary possibilities that await you.”

Stacey Strong



“There’s nothing we can’t overcome. Navigate your challenges with confidence even when you feel defeated.”

Anxiety therapist Denver Co

Rachel Green



” Embrace your sensitivity and find your greatest gifts so that they can live lighter and have thriving relationships.”

Martina is a couples's therapist in Lakewood Colorado near Green Mountain.

Martina Silverman-Hecht



” Heal from your fear-based beliefs + behaviors as you reclaim your power + step into the best version of yourself.”

couples therapist near me

Catt Smiley



“Explore connections by understanding your inner world, uncovering patterns, and identifying areas craving support.

Lakewood Marriage Counselor

Natalie Gates



“Shed the weight of old patterns, embrace your true self, and step into a life filled with courageous authenticity.”

EMDR therapist in Lakewood CO

Kate McBride



” Strengthen your intuition as you move beyond pain, trauma +  grief so that you can reclaim the parts of your life that feel out of reach.”  

EMDR therapist Denver Co

Jenny Geselevich



“Helping others navigate life’s challenges with empathy, understanding, and unwavering support, one step at a time.”

sliding scale therapy

Maggie Kentopp



“Embrace the significance of your healing journey and let’s dedicate the time and effort to heal together.”

marriage intensive therapist

Jessica Hart



“Every couple has the potential to build a fulfilling and satisfying relationship based on trust, respect, and open communication.”

Cameron Gonzalez



Find your voice + step into your strength by embracing life’s challenges with acceptance + peace.

Our team is made up of passionate and fun-spirited therapists in Lakewood, Colorado who want nothing more than to help you BREAK FREE from whatever it is that’s holding you back. We’re here to hold it all…nothing’s too big for us. We do this because we know how different your life can be when step into the person you were meant to be and have the relationships you were meant to have.

We understand that taking the first steps into counseling can be both brave and vulnerable. However, you deserve the time and space to heal, to overcome whatever has been holding you back from living the life you were meant for. Our focus isn’t just on overcoming mental health and relationship hurdles; it’s about being able to LIVE AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Because we’re already here for you every step of the way, the only thing left for you to do is commit yourself wholeheartedly.

Words From Our Clients


Most frequently Asked questions + answers

During our first session, we’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know us! First sessions are usually designated for assessments (questions designed to give us a snapshot of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go).

We’ve designed our first session to be as beneficial for you as it is for us. Our questions are thought-provoking and motivational. Most people walk away from our first session with a lot of insight and understanding about themselves and their relationships. Most people are ready to get started ASAP!

At the end of our first session, we’ll let you know our thoughts about moving forward and my recommendations on how our time together can look. We want you to be comfortable, so always welcome feedback about our recommendations and your comfort level. 

Ahhh! The question of the year! I’m cringing as I’m about to give you the dreaded answer… that depends. There, I said it. But it really is so true.

Some people are looking for a therapeutic partner to process life with. Some people are looking to solve a problem and then move on. Some couples are just starting to get into negative patterns and may just need a few months in counseling. Other couples have much deeper hurts, either with their partner or from their past, and may need therapy and support for a longer period of time.

What I can tell you is that your goal is our goal and we know that most people want to feel better fast. We honor that by giving our whole self to every session while revisiting your goals to make sure that we’re moving in the direction you desire. 

We always like to meet you and understand what’s going on for you before we make this recommendation.

For most people, we recommend every week or every other week to start. It’s best to build our momentum so that we can develop a strong working relationship and you so that you can start to see changes in you life and with your relationships.

Momentum is ESPECIALLY important if you’re starting couples counseling. When changing your patterns and understanding of each other, it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

You’re in control of what you share. We create a non-judgmental environment where you can choose the pace and topics that feel comfortable for you. Even though we’re therapists, we all know how to mind our own business 🙂

Our sliding scale therapy with our Master’s Level Clinical Interns are $75/session. 

The rates for our other therapists range between $100-$200/session depending on specialty, education and years of experience. 

You can make the most of your counseling investment by practicing the work we’re doing in session, outside of the session. We’re always happy to share ideas on what that might look like.

We do accept a limited number of Medicaid clients. However, in general, we do not take insurance. We believe that when therapists work within the framework of insurance, their primary allegiance can shift towards the insurance company, rather than putting the client’s needs first.

At our practice, we prioritize tailoring your treatment to what will be most effective for you. We understand that many clients are concerned about having a diagnosis on their permanent record and we highly value your confidentiality, ensuring that your records remain safeguarded.

It’s important to note that dealing with insurance can be exceedingly time-consuming. Instead, we dedicate our time to continuous learning and staying updated on the latest therapeutic approaches to better serve you.

For these reasons, we have chosen not to accept insurance. However, we are more than happy to provide you with a Superbill, which you can submit to your insurance company for potential out-of-network provider benefits. Additionally, we offer the convenience of accepting payments from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). This way, we aim to ensure your access to quality care while maintaining our commitment to personalized treatment and confidentiality.

We put a lot of effort into curating a team of passionate therapists who share a similar mindset and offer a welcoming and healing space. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re part of a supportive family while receiving therapy.

However, it’s important to recognize that not all therapists are the perfect match for every individual. Sometimes, it takes a few sessions to determine if a therapist is the right fit for you. While it can be frustrating to realize that the connection isn’t what you hoped for, there’s some good news in this situation.

By now, your therapist has gained a solid understanding of your needs and preferences. They’re well-equipped to offer a thoughtful recommendation for another therapist within our practice who might be a better fit. If you’re comfortable with the idea, you can even grant permission for your current therapist to communicate with the new one. Our team works closely together, making it easier to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure you receive the best care possible.

Remember, your comfort and progress are our top priorities. If at any point you feel that the therapeutic relationship isn’t aligning as you’d like, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us so we can make sure you’re on the path to success.

Getting started is easy! You have a couple of options to choose from:

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to help you take the first step towards your journey of healing and growth. You can simply book a call with us at your convenience. Alternatively, you can explore our schedule by clicking the “Schedule” button and select a time that works best for you.

To ensure you’re matched with the right therapist, don’t forget to check out our therapists’ bios. Learning about their expertise and passion can help you choose the clinician who aligns with your needs and goals. We’re excited to embark on this journey with you and provide the support you deserve.

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