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3 Ways To Overcome Broken Trust

heal broken trust in your relationship with a Lakewood, Colorado couples counselor

Trust is a necessary part of every healthy relationship. It’s also something that can be broken very easily. When trust between you and another person is compromised, your relationship will likely suffer as a result. Trust may not seem like the type of thing that can be broken so easily — after all, it’s something that takes time to build and repair. However, trust can be broken in an instant when people feel betrayed or misled by someone they care about. When trust has been broken, it can take some time to rebuild the damaged relationship once again. If you are currently in a situation where another person has broken your trust, there are several ways you can begin to repair things and move forward with your life again. Here are three tips on how you can overcome broken trust:

Talk about what happened

The worst thing you can do when you’ve been let down by another person is to sit in silence. Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up inside, it’s important to talk about what happened with the person who caused the breach in trust. This is the only way to truly confront what happened and work towards a solution. If you don’t address the situation head-on, it’s likely that broken trust will lead to an even more complicated and painful situation down the road. If you find it difficult to talk about what caused the trust to break, then consider writing the other person a letter. This can be a great way to get everything out in the open without feeling too pressured. It’s also a good way to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications that might arise when talking in person.

Set boundaries

When a person breaks your trust, they are also infringing on your liberty to make your own choices and live your own life. This is an additional violation that can make it difficult to trust the other person again. When you’ve been let down by a friend or significant other, it can be a good idea to set some clear boundaries. This might include setting up certain rules for communication or ending certain types of interactions. For example, if someone has been flirting with your partner but you feel that it’s crossed the line, you might want to tell them to stop immediately. Or, if you’re partner has been doing something that’s making you uncomfortable, you can tell what you’d like to see happen.

Remember why you trusted the other person to begin with

When you’re feeling angry and resentful towards the person who broke your trust, it’s important to remind yourself why you originally trusted them. It’s likely that this person had earned your trust before the breach occurred. This could include any number of factors — including the person’s track record, your own feelings, and the advice of others. It’s also important to consider the current situation. Perhaps you have been under a lot of stress lately and you’ve made mistakes. Maybe the other person feels overwhelmed and you’ve been caught in the crossfire. By remembering why you trusted the other person, you can help to avoid overreacting and going too far in the other direction.


Trust is essential to any healthy relationship. It can, however, be broken very easily. When trust is broken, it can take a lot of time and effort to rebuild the relationship. Broken trust can also make you feel alone and afraid. It’s important to talk about what happened, set boundaries, and remember why you trusted the other person to begin with when trust has been broken. By doing these things, you can overcome broken trust and move forward with your life. If you’re stuck, and unable to overcome broken trust, consider reaching out to a couples counselor to help you get to a resolution.


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