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5 Problems Every Couple Struggles With

Problems every couple has. Marriage Counseling lakewood can help.

Marriage, relationships and love can be complicated. It’s not uncommon to find your relationship facing challenges at times. You might find yourself dealing with different issues that can be difficult to navigate. But no matter what, you should never give up on your partner or the relationship. Love is worth fighting for in any relationship. In every relationship, there will be ups and downs—this is perfectly normal, and it doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t strong. The struggles you face now will only make your bond stronger later on. Read on to discover the five problems that almost every couple faces sooner or later…


Communication Issues

A lack of communication can be harmful in any relationship. It can cause resentment, misunderstandings, and unnecessary fights. When both partners are able to communicate their feelings and needs openly and honestly, it can lead to greater intimacy and a stronger relationship.

If you feel that you and your partner are struggling with communication, here are a few tips to help you get back on track:

  • Identify what areas in your relationship are hard to talk about. Are there certain issues that trigger you? Are harboring some resentment that makes it difficult to keep your cool? It might be something as simple as talking about the logistics of your week, or something more complex such as resolving conflict.
  • Now, ask your partner if you can talk. When you and your partner are talking about something hard, the best tip to keep in mind is that THIS IS NOT A CONVERSATION. Listen, ask questions, look for their emotions, and validate their feelings.


Trust issues

Trust is an important part of any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship, or partnership. It’s important to create an environment where your partner feels safe to share their thoughts and feelings with you. You should also feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself to your partner.

If you notice that trust issues have started to affect your relationship, here are a few things you can do to address the issue:

  • Talk about what you need to feel more comfortable in your relationship. You may want to discuss boundaries, or you may want to share your fears or insecurities with your partner.
  • Be open and honest with each other.
  • Communication is key to resolving any trust issues in your relationship. If these issues are left unaddressed, they can grow and become even more difficult to deal with. Trust issues are something that many couples face at some point in their relationship. If you and your partner are feeling a lack of trust, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible.


Conflicting life goals

Life goals and relationship goals are different for everyone. When you’re dating, you may not think about how your partner’s goals will affect your relationship in the long run. You may be more focused on the present moment and enjoying your time together. As you become more serious and start thinking about the future of your relationship, you may hit a snag if your life goals aren’t aligned. It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to your long-term goals.

Here are a few things you can do to create an open and honest environment where you and your partner can discuss your goals and dreams:

  • Identify your top five life goals and discuss them with your partner. Your goals can be anything from your career aspirations to what you want to do after you have kids.
  • Create a shared vision for your future together. Imagine where you want to be in five years and write it down. You can keep this in a journal, on a vision board, or as a general life goal.


Incongruent sexual desires

As you get to know your partner better, you may begin to better understand their sexual desires. You may even feel comfortable enough to discuss your own sexual fantasies with them. But if you notice that your partner’s desires are incongruent with yours, you may feel uncomfortable or limited in your relationship. You may feel like you’re being pressured to engage in sexual activities that make you uncomfortable.

If you’re in a relationship with a partner whose sexual desires are incongruent with yours, be open and honest with your partner and discuss your discomfort. You don’t have to share every detail of your fantasy or sexual desires, but you can explain which activities you’re comfortable doing and which ones you’re not. You don’t have to justify your desires, but you can let your partner know how you feel.


Ego clashes and jealousy

Every relationship will encounter these two issues. Jealousy occurs when you feel threatened by the attention your partner pays to other people or other things. Your partner’s success may make you feel inadequate and uneasy. You may also feel jealous if your partner spends more time with their friends than with you.

In a close relationship, it’s normal to feel jealous at times, but it’s important to address these feelings before they grow out of control and have a negative impact on your relationship.

If your partner inspires feelings of jealousy in you for any reason, talk to them about your feelings. Let them know that you feel jealous sometimes, and you want to talk about it. This can help you get your emotions out so they don’t eat away at you.


Knot Counseling Helps Couples When They’re Stuck

Love can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be complicated. That’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself and your partner. Be open and communicative with them, and you can work through any issues that arise. No relationship is perfect, but that’s what makes it so exciting and worthwhile.

Knot Counseling has a BIG-HEARTED team of marriage counselors and relationship experts. Call us for a free consultation and let us help you get unstuck.


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