5 secrets for couples to communicate when they're both upset

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When You're Both Upset

Gain argument confidence as you learn to take your hardest moments and transform them into growth, connection, and understanding. 

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Unlock the secrets to navigating disagreements with grace and understanding. Our exclusive guide: ‘The 5 SECRETS TO COMMUNICATING WHEN YOU’RE BOTH UPSET’ includes tried-and-true strategies that have been meticulously tested, refined, and reworked to give you confidence to get through any disagreement, conflict and argument.

In this invaluable resource, you’ll discover the essential tools for fostering effective communication, even in the heat of the moment. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and frustration, and hello to deeper connection and harmony.

Don’t let tensions strain your relationship any longer. Download our free guide today and embark on a journey toward healthier, happier communication with your partner.

"We printed this out and worked through EVERY step.

We’ve worked with two other marriage counselors and this tool was the thing that finally worked! 

Thank you Melissa!”

-Sara R.

meet Your Guide

Hello, I'm Melissa!

I’m a couples counselor in Denver, Colorado. After working with hundreds of couples, I’ve become obsessed with giving people the perfect tools to help their relationships. I’ve written and re-written this guide (maybe just a few times) to perfection because I know that relationships are hard, and you don’t have many shots at hard conversations before you throw in the towel.

I know, if you can find the time to slow-down and truly absorb these practices, this WILL help you reconnect with your partner. 

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