About Our Big-HeartedTherapists

We’re a team of deeply passionate therapists. This is not just a job for us, it’s what we love and it’s how we live. 

Melissa Shaw



” Step into your authenticity and live a fuller life by releasing your baggage and restoring your relationship.

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Catt Smiley



“Explore connections by understanding your inner world, uncovering patterns, and identifying areas craving support.

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Maggie Kentopp



“Uncover the wishes behind behaviors to foster genuine self-discovery and growth.”

Lakewood Marriage Counselor

Natalie Gates



” Shed the weight of old patterns, embrace your true self, and step into a life filled with authenticity.

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Dr. Chelsea Page



“Embrace your authentic self, ignite your passion, + unleash the extraordinary possibilities that await you.”

Martina is a couples's therapist in Lakewood Colorado near Green Mountain.

Martina Silverman-Hecht



” Heal from your fear-based beliefs and behaviors as you reclaim your power.”

Ashley Jara



“There’s nothing we can’t overcome. Learn to confidently navigate your challenges so that you can feel calm, peaceful and in control.”

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Jessica Hart



“Every couple has the potential to build a fulfilling and satisfying relationship based on trust, respect, and open communication.”

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Jenny Geselevich



“Helping others navigate life’s challenges with empathy, understanding, and unwavering support, one step at a time.”

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Rachel Green

Master Clinician


“I’m here to help you on your unique journey towards healing, renewed strength, and better relationships with others and with self.”

Stacey Strong



“There’s nothing we can’t overcome. Learn to confidently navigate your challenges so that you can feel calm, peaceful and in control.”

EMDR therapist in Lakewood CO

Kate Nielsen



” Strengthen your intuition as you move beyond pain, trauma, and grief so that you can reclaim the parts of your life that feel out of reach. “

Cameron Gonzalez



Find your voice + step into your strength by embracing life’s challenges with acceptance + peace.


Our team is made up of passionate and fun-spirited therapists who want nothing more than to help you BREAK FREE from whatever it is that’s holding you back. We’re here to hold it all…nothing’s too big for us. We do this because we know how different your life can be when step into the person you were meant to be and have the relationships you were meant to have.

When life overwhelms, we know the courage and vulnerability it can take to start counseling. But you deserve the time and space for your healing – healing from whatever’s been holding you back from living the life that was meant for you. It’s not just about getting over mental health and relationship issues; it’s about being able to LIVE AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE – mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Because we’re here for you every step of the way, the only thing left for you to do is commit yourself wholeheartedly.

About Melissa

EMDR therapist, marriage counselor, couples counselor, brainspotting therapist, EMDR therapy in Lakewood Colorado


Ok. To be honest, I thought about taking a picture of myself frolicking in a perfect meadow, during the perfect sunrise, with perfect hair flowing in the wind.

And then I realized that would be like posting a 20-year-old picture of me on a dating profile. You would show up and NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE ME.

Because…the truth is…I’m not perfect, I don’t frolic and I’m not flowy.

The truth is, when you work with me, I SHOW UP. I’m right there with you.

And sometimes that’s messy and sometimes that’s beautiful….but its never fake.

Me, frolicking in a meadow, is fake.

Originally from St. Louis, I moved to Colorado in 2008. I’m married with 2 wonderful, rambunctious, loving kiddos! I have an adventurous spirit that comes out not only in the way I speak, but also in the way I live and love.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping people and their relationships. Being a therapist and counselor is not just a day job for me, it’s in my heart…   


What can you expect from me? I call myself PROFESSIONALLY INFORMAL. I have a casual and encouraging approach, while also being direct and transparent…no hidden agendas here!

I’m down-to-earth and solution-focused. I create a space for you to explore, process and express yourself while also guiding you to do that in a way that creates lasting change. I’ll work with you at a pace that’s both comfortable and challenging…but not overwhelming.


60-minute session……….$175

Welcome! I’m here to offer a unique blend of techniques, combining cognitive and somatic approaches, to help you tackle life’s challenges from a well-rounded perspective that takes into account both mind and body. Every person’s story is special, and I approach each client with empathy and a deep understanding of mental health and wellness.

I strongly believe in the power of nurturing healthy relationships in all areas of life. Understanding the connections we have is key to personal growth. Whether it’s the relationship we have with ourselves or with others, these connections reflect our experiences and emotions and offer opportunities for growth. By exploring these connections, we can uncover patterns, strengths, and areas where we may need extra support.

Our relationships with ourselves, our families, friends, and communities play a huge role in our well-being and resilience. Together, we’ll navigate these relationships, working towards fulfillment and creating positive, lasting change in your life. So, let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth together!

60-minute session……….$160

About Catt

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About Martina

Couples counseling and marriage counseling in Lakewood Colorado


When things are feeling “off” in your relationship or with yourself, it’s scary to know where to turn. You may think your problems aren’t “bad enough” to need therapy, or you may feel just the opposite–that your struggles are too difficult to share. No matter what you’re going through, we all need support and guidance from time to time.

I offer a safe, professional, non-judgemental therapeutic experience while showing up as a real person-not a stuffy “clinician”. I use humor, when appropriate, and can’t promise that an occasional f-bomb might not slip out.

I’m passionate about helping my clients feel seen and supported as they navigate life’s challenges by locating/reclaiming their sense of agency in the in the world and in their own lives through nervous system regulation, mindfulness, somatic awareness, reparenting, and boundary-setting.

Helping you create a foundation of self-acceptance from which to heal, grow, and adapt in more positive, life-affirming ways is my passion. I believe you’re the expert on your life and our work together will be collaborative and tailored to your needs. 

My therapeutic style is positive and help you focus on your strengths. I draw upon a variety of models in order to help you get to the root of your struggles while equipping you with practical tools for everyday life.

My approach to therapy is informed by my work with couples, and clients who have  mood disorders, trauma, grief, and substance abuse struggles. My personal experiences in therapy, mental health, neurodivergence, life transitions, and grief as well as my background as a massage therapist help deepen my understanding of my clients and their suffering.

60-minute session……….$140

I don’t normally tune out in session ( I promise), but the other day I found myself feeling so lucky to be a part of my client’s healing journey. I love helping people feel at peace with who they are and navigate the complexities of life. It’s why I do what I do!

By understanding your unique struggles, fears, blocks, and barriers, I can guide you to a place of fulfillment. I work with individuals and couples to improve relationships, manage stress, overcome anxiety and depression, heal old wounds, and much more.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’m skilled at helping you see what you can’t so that you can get to the root of your struggles. This is especially helpful in my work with couples so we can heal those hurts and stop having those tired, repetitive arguments.


60-minute session session…………..$125

About Cameron

Reduced fee and sliding scale therapist and counselor for trauma, couples counseling and depression in Lakewood, Colorado


Let’s jump right into this…I’m honest to a fault. At no time will you wonder what’s on my mind and I hope, after gaining your trust, I’ll never had to have wonder what’s on yours. 

Bad days, good days or in between, I welcome you to come as you are. I’m a firm believer that humor, compassion, and authenticity is the recipe for a solid therapeutic relationship. 

I have a long history of working with adults, teens, couples and families in a culturally aware and safe environment. With over 20 years of experience, I understand that chaos that can ensue even within the most healthy of families and relationships. We’ll take whatever time is needed and find a way to get back on track. With you as the navigator, I’ll empower you to take control of your treatment and goal setting. I may not have all the answers, but together we can navigate the rough waters and get you to a place of stability and peace in your life. 

I’m a very proud mama of two young men. As a Colorado native, I love an adventure. My favorite things to do are camp, hike, and ride motorcycles through the mountains; really I just enjoy anything outside. I also LOVE traveling abroad and expanding my perspective on the world.

Most importantly, I LOVE what I do and I look forward to meeting you for individual, family or couples therapy.

“Storms will come but it is how you choose to dance in the rain.”



60-minute session session……….$150


About Stacey

Teen counseling and couples therapy Lakewood Colorado


About Chelsea


Hi there! I’m an Intimacy & Women’s Empowerment Expert, Sex Therapist, and passionate advocate for transformative relationships. I’m dedicated to helping women and couples create deep connections and ignite the flame of passion in their lives. My mission is to empower individuals to break free from societal expectations, embrace their authentic selves, and cultivate fulfilling and passionate relationships. 

Working with women and couples makes my soul come alive and I love every minute of it. I find immense joy and fulfillment in guiding individuals and partners through their intimate journeys, especially those seeking the expertise of a Sex Therapist. Whether you’re looking to address specific concerns, explore your desires, or enhance both your emotional and sexual connection, I’m here to provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can openly express your needs and your soul’s true desires.

I truly believe that everyone deserves to have a powerful relationship with themself and to have a sexy and secure relationship with their partner. For over a decade I’ve supported individuals and couples by tapping into the power of Intentional Intimacy, which encompasses emotional and physical connection, effective communication, and nurturing relationships. Together, we’ll explore ways to infuse passion into every aspect of your life, from the bedroom to everyday interactions, creating a life that is vibrant, fulfilling, and oh so deeply satisfying. 

When I’m not empowering women and couples, you’ll find me immersed in my love for personal growth and knowledge, with a stack of books eagerly waiting to be devoured. I’m constantly seeking new insights and perspectives to enhance my practice and better serve my clients. And when it’s time to unwind, I enjoy a luxurious bubble bath and taking long walks with my adorable pups, or going on exciting adventures with my incredible husband, Paul, who constantly inspires me to live life to the fullest.

I’m genuinely excited to be a part of your journey towards a more passionate relationship, intimate connection, and a life that’s full of joy and fulfillment like you’re living in one big pocket of pleasure. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!


60-minute session……….$200

I’m so happy you’ve found your way here. As a therapist, I have a passion for helping people find their inner peace, no matter what life throws their way.

Now, I know that dealing with depression and grief can be tough. It’s easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, or just plain stuck. But trust me when I say that you’re not alone. With a little bit of intuition and a whole lot of grounding, we can work together to navigate these emotions and find a way to move forward.

But enough about the serious stuff – let’s have some fun! As someone who loves to laugh and make others smile, I believe that healing doesn’t always have to be so serious. So while we work on getting to the root of your spiritual needs, let’s throw in some humor and have a few laughs along the way.

In our sessions, we’ll explore the deepest parts of your spiritual being, taking time to address any blockages or emotional pain that may be holding you back. With my gentle guidance and intuitive approach, we’ll work together to identify what is truly important to you and create a plan to move forward.

Whether you’re feeling lost in the world, struggling with grief or depression, or simply need someone to talk to, I’m here for you. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, with plenty of laughter and smiles along the way. 

60-minute session……….$150

About Kate

EMDR therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment and depression therapy


About Ashley


Whether you’re knee-deep in the wonderful chaos of life or looking for some balance while navigating the wild world of parenting, you’re in the right place. My passion lies in supporting men, women, and couples as we navigate these twists and turns.

With over a decade in this field, I’m far from a nod-and-smile therapist. I believe in getting my hands dirty, metaphorically speaking. Because Let’s be real: therapy isn’t about me sitting on one side and you on the other. Nope, we’re a team. Your wins are my wins, your challenges are my challenges. I’m all about those heart-to-heart connections – trust, empathy, and respecting your unique journey. This is a judgment-free zone where you can be your authentic self, and I’m here to make sure you feel heard, valued, and understood.

I’m also all about mindfulness – it’s like a daily dose of zen for your soul. We’re not just going to talk about the usual stuff; we’re going to dig deep, uncover the roots, and plant some new seeds. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about growing and flourishing. It’s about remembering that progress is a journey, not a race.

I’m also not afraid to throw in a gentle challenge or two. Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones, and I’ll be right there with you, nudging you towards those breakthrough moments.

Wanna know more about me? I’m a proud mama which means, I know the drill – the endless snack requests, the superhero costume changes, and decoding the cryptic toddler language. I’m also a nature nut, so you’ll often find me soaking up the great outdoors – rain or shine – to stay sane and centered. And I wear my Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) badge with honor. Life’s little details hit me just a tad more intensely, and I’m here to show you how embracing that sensitivity can be a superpower.


60-minute session……….$150

Hey there, lovely souls! I’m Jessica, and I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my corner of the internet. So, here’s the scoop: I’m all about couples, relationships, and helping you navigate the twists and turns that life throws our way.

First things first, let’s talk about the heart of what I do. Picture this: a cozy space where you can just be yourself, where it’s totally okay to show up with all your quirks, vulnerabilities, and questions. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m here for. Whether you’re in the midst of a rocky patch or just want to strengthen the amazing connection you already have, I’m your go-to person.

Why do I do what I do? After living a good chunk of my life abroad and soaking up different cultures and ways of life, I found myself drawn to the magical world of psychology. It’s like a puzzle that just clicked into place – understanding why we tick the way we do and helping each other heal.

Fast forward to the present, and here I’m in beautiful Colorado – seriously, the mountains have my heart. My journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, though. I’ve had my fair share of losses, battles, and moments of feeling utterly lost. But you know what? Those experiences have shaped me into someone who can hold space for you, no matter what you’re going through.

When I’m not diving into the world of emotions and connections, you’ll find me hanging out with my awesome husband. We’re big fans of long hikes – there’s just something about nature that soothes the soul, right? Oh, and yoga? It’s like my daily dose of calm and clarity. And let’s not forget my love affair with snow – building snowmen isn’t just for kids, you know!

So, whether you’re facing relationship hiccups, looking to mend after an affair, or just need someone to chat with about life’s curveballs, I’m here with open arms and an open heart. Let’s walk this journey together, because you deserve all the happiness and love in the world.


60-minute session………………….$200

8 hr Marriage Intensive ……….$1250

About Jessica


About Rachel



I’m on a mission to make your journey towards healing and self-discovery a smoother and more rewarding one. With a heart full of compassion and a genuine desire to help, I’m committed to providing you with a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings.

I bring fresh perspectives and a thirst for knowledge to every session. I’m dedicated to tailoring my approach to your unique needs and am eager to learn and grow alongside you on this transformative journey.

Whether you’re seeking support for personal growth, navigating life’s challenges, or enhancing your relationships, I’m here to listen, support, and guide you with a warm smile and a caring heart.

60 minute-session………….$140

Hey there, I’m Natalie, and I’m not your typical therapist. Sure, I’ve got the degrees and the credentials, but what really sets me apart is my down-to-earth approach and my knack for cutting through the noise to get straight to the heart of the matter. I’m all about pulling out those stubborn weeds from the root so you can ditch those old patterns, breathe a sigh of relief, and start feeling lighter.

My journey into this world of therapy and counseling wasn’t exactly a straight line. I’ve worn many hats in my life, tried on different roles, and being a counselor is definitely what I’m meant to be!

I’ve always been a firm believer in the magic of human connection and the power of simply being yourself. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to create a space where you can do just that – be unapologetically, authentically you.

Whether you’re wrestling with anxiety, navigating tricky relationship dynamics, or just feeling a bit lost in the chaos of it all, I’m here to offer unwavering support tailored to help you step confidently into your own power and truth and to empower you to rewrite your story in a way that feels true to who you are.

My approach to therapy is refreshingly straightforward. I break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand nuggets of wisdom and create a non-judgmental environment where you can show up exactly as you are.

Working with me isn’t about digging into the past for hours on end (unless that’s what you need). It’s about forging a real, authentic connection and arming you with the communication skills you need to thrive in every aspect of your life.

When I’m not in the therapy room, you’ll likely find me curled up with a good book, savoring a cup of coffee, or laughing with my nieces and nephews because life’s too short not to find joy in the little things.

60-minute session ……………………$140

About Natalie

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About Maggie



Behind every behavior is a wish. I’m not just here to listen to your struggles – I’m here to help you decode them, to explore the unmet needs that lie beneath the surface. Because when we address those wishes, those yearnings, you don’t just feel better – you become a bigger, brighter version of yourself.

Think of me not just as a therapist, but as your partner in self-discovery. I’m the one who challenges and inspires you to peel back the layers, to know yourself in your purest form.

You know those patterns that seem to have a gravitational pull, keeping you trapped in the same old loop? Those patterns that feel like quicksand, pulling you deeper with every step? Yeah, those ones. Well, consider it my personal mission to unravel them, to dive deep and help you go the roots of your struggles. Because once we shed light on those hidden corners, the path forward becomes clearer than ever before.

And here’s the thing: when you’re with me, there’s no judgment, no holding back. Just a safe, nurturing space for exploration and growth. Whether you’re wrestling with anxiety, navigating the complexities of relationships, or simply trying to find your footing in this chaotic world, I’m here to walk alongside you, every step of the way.

But therapy isn’t just about the heavy lifting. Beyond these four walls, you’ll find me living life with my heart wide open. I believe in pouring love into the people and passions that ignite my soul because, let’s face it, life’s too precious for anything less.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and embark on a journey of self-discovery, then consider this your invitation. Let’s uncover the wishes behind those behaviors, rewrite the script, and carve out a path that’s uniquely yours. Because in this grand adventure called life, you don’t have to navigate it alone.

60-minute session……….$75

Ever stop and think, “How the heck did I end up here?” Life’s this wild ride, isn’t it? It tosses us around, lifts us up, and throws us into places we never saw coming. Sometimes we pick our path, but other times, we’re just along for the ride.

But here’s the thing: life’s full of twists and turns, and we don’t always wind up where we planned… and sometimes we carry scars from the journey. That’s where I come in. Think of me as your co-pilot on this crazy adventure. I’m here to walk alongside you, helping you heal from any emotional bruises that might be holding you back.

My passions? Relationships, trauma (especially the medical kind), and diving into the world of neurodivergence. I’ve got this knack for guiding couples through those rough waters, helping them grow stronger through the challenges instead of getting swept away by the chaos.

I’m all about teaching people new ways to communicate and understand each other, especially when life throws them a curveball like cancer or autism. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel heard and understood, especially within their own family.

When I’m not wearing my counselor hat, you’ll find me knee-deep in family shenanigans. I’ve got three awesome kiddos, a rockstar husband, and a bunch of furry friends who keep our household buzzing with laughter and love.

We love being at home, playing games, and soaking up the simple joys of life. But we also love hitting the great outdoors, especially when it involves walking through the mountains and soaking in that fresh, crisp air.

So if you’re feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed, know that you’re not alone. I’m here to walk this path with you, offering guidance, compassion, and a whole lot of heart. Let’s roll up our sleeves and tackle this together.



60-minute session……$150

About Jenny


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