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Create a Couple’s Bucket List to Breathe Life Back Into a Dull Relationship

couple's bucket list in lakewood colorado for relationships

When I see couples for marriage counseling, one of the things I love having them do to put that spark back into their relationship is to create a COUPLE’S BUCKET LIST!

Couple’s that grow together, stay together. But sometimes our lives get stagnate. We get in a groove and we forget to connect with each other. We start living own lives. We look over, and suddenly our soulmate feels more like a roommate.




We’ve all heard of bucket lists, but how many of us have created one? Like, really written one down and checked things off?


NOW, how many of you have created a couples bucket list?


Talking about your goals, your wildest dreams, and your hopes is one of the most INTIMATE MOMENTS a couple can share together. Creating opportunities of growth and goals can often be the only thing you and your partner need to pull you out that funk.


I’ve done this activity with dozens of couples in marriage counseling and just by creating this shared excitement, I’ve witnessed people falling in love again, wanting to spend more time together, and having more sex.


I know what you’re thinking…more sex? Why is that?


Here’s a secret. Foreplay often doesn’t happen in the bedroom. Foreplay happens in those shared moments of connection, closeness, and excitement…exactly what creating this list ignites!

Ready to create your couple’s bucket list?

STEP 1: Plan a date night. What better way to spend an evening (or a morning if you’d like to mix it up) than to talk about all the cool things you’re gonna do!


STEP 2: Get your piece of paper and pen. Brainstorm your couple’s bucket list! No idea is a bad idea…just get your ideas out.


Get your juices flowing with these prompts. 

  • Places you’d like to visit and see in person.
  • Things you’d like to learn together.
  • Experiences you’d like to try together.
  • Things you’d like to share. Example: A woman wanted to show her partner her childhood home.
  • Places you’d like to live together.
  • Things you want to accomplish or achieve together.
  • Things you want to make together.
  • Themes you want to explore together. Example: A couple that wanted to get their picture taken on every covered bridge in the NE.


STEP 3: Come up with at least 20 items on your couple’s bucket list.

20?!?!? Yep, 20! The reason is this…usually the first 10 are pretty easy. Goals 10-20 require creativity and that’s where the best list items usually show up. Put your finalized list somewhere you can see, revisit it and cross things off as you complete!


Need some ideas to add to your list?

  • Travel all 50 states
  • Learn to line dance
  • Learn Spanish
  • Take up photography
  • Go on a hut-to-hut trip in the White Mountains
  • Bike the whole Katy Trail
  • Move to the beach
  • Start a garden
  • Rehab a house
  • Build a piece of furniture together
  • Visit every Escape Room in your city
  • Make your own wine
  • Travel to your favorite country
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Join a couple’s book club
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Learn to cook Thai food

The possibilities are endless. A couple’s bucket list can be anything-big or small and of every ability level. What ideas do you have? What’s something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, learn, or try.

The important thing is that you have something to be excited about with your partner. Sharing that excitement with each other not only brings you closer, but it also awakes your passion and creative spirit.



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