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Fun and Creative Couples Communication Activity to Strengthen Your Bond

couples communication activity

I love finding new and creative ways to help couples (families) talk and increase their connection. If you’re looking for a way to get your partner(kids) to open up and increase emotional intimacy, I got your back! This couples communication activity is the best! Instead of the usual “how was your day?” conversations, this activity sparks creative thoughts that get people really talking.

FIRST, print out this PDF. Use it as a way to ask questions and connect or click below.

Couples Communication Activity


Decide how you want to use this activity. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Which picture best describes how your day went?
  • How do you think our relationship is going? Pick a picture that describes it?
  • What do you think our fights look like?
  • What’s your impression of our family?
  • After an event that you’ve been nervous about, ask “Which picture describes how you think it went?”


Card 1: Partly cloudy. Sunny even though there might be some chaos around.

Card 2: Windy. Overwhelming. Overpowering. Overbearing.

Card 3: Snow might represent cold. Beautiful.

Card 4: Tornadoes are chaotic. Destructive. They go round-n-round. Scary.

Card 5: A storm in the distance might mean the relationship is good now, but there’s something brewing. Heading towards darkness.

Card 6: Hail can come from out of nowhere, even on a beautiful summer day. Destructive. Cold.

Card 7: Fall is a time of reflection. Letting go. Warm and cool.

Card 8: The desert is hot. Dry. Cracked. There’s also hope in the distance.

Card 9: Fog makes it hard to see. Maybe things have been unclear. Confusing. Magical.

Card 10: The water is neutral. Clear. Calm. Beautiful. Reflective.

Card 11: This picture could mean the beauty after the storm. There’s also a lot going on in this picture. Remorseful. Restorative.

Card 12: Lightening is dangerous. Unpredictable. One thing becomes many things. Lightening creates more problems. The sounds and sights are different. Is it moving closer or moving away?


Fun right? The key to using this tool is to ask your partner (family member) why they chose the picture they did. What does it represent to them?

You can also ask opposite questions. What would be the opposite of this situation? If things were better, what would that look like?

This is also a good way to talk about grief in your family or with your partner. So, instead of saying, “how are feeling today”, you can get this out and use it to talk about how their grief is feeling today.

There are so many fun ways to use these pictures to increase closeness in your family. This is especially good if you’re partnered up with an internal processor or someone who struggles to articulate their words.

Got ideas? I would love to hear them!

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Couples Communication Guide for Arguments

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