Marriage Intensive

Transform your Relationship
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Immerse yourself in the profound impact of a Marriage Intensive—a dedicated day of focused attention with a highly skilled couples counselor. Experience the power of undivided guidance and support as we work together to revitalize, strengthen, and deepen your connection.

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WhAT IS A marriage intensive?

A Marriage Intensive, or weekend therapy, offers a concentrated and condensed approach to couples therapy. With longer and immersive sessions spanning multiple days, it provides a short-term, results-oriented solution for high-conflict couples seeking quicker resolution. In private sessions, a skilled couples therapist covers essential aspects of the relationship, including conflict resolution, intimacy rejuvenation, boundary establishment, and more. The goal is to empower couples to navigate challenges, heal wounds, and create a stronger and more fulfilling partnership.

WHo's it for?

A Marriage Intensive is an ideal solution for high conflict couples, couples seeking rapid transformation in their relationships or those looking for weekend therapy. Whether you find yourself in a painful situation, yearn to acquire effective communication tools, or are on the brink of divorce, a marriage intensive allows you to delve deep into the underlying causes of your struggles while equipping you with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence. 

Marriage intensives help To Rebuild...






Breakthrough Relationship Blocks

How Does A marriage Intensive work?

First we’ll schedule a free 30-minute consultation. After it’s been determined that a marriage intensive is a good fit for, we’ll send you welcome packet to get you started!

step one


You’ll start the process prior to your in-person meeting by completing an extensive online assessment that provides your couples therapist an in-depth overview and analysis of your relationship challenges and strength. 

Marriage intensive assessment

step two


Marriage intensive assessment

step three


Communication skills in a marriage intensive
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step four


Following your intensive, it’s important to keep the momentum going. You’ll get  an opportunity to give feedback + make a plan for what may still feel unfinished. 

You’ll be encouraged to follow our weekly format for connection, as well as a 30-day connection challenge. 

Many couples choose to continue follow-up sessions with their clinician to maintain their progress. 

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Is A Marriage Intensive Right For You?


You and your partner are making “should I stay” or “should I go” decisions. 

regretable incident

There’s been a harmful incident, such as an affair, that you’re needing to heal from. 

Endless Arguing

You need help communicating and you’re stuck in an endless loop that goes nowhere.

TIME REstricted

You want couples therapy, or even weekend therapy, but it’s so hard to find the time each week. 

You want results fast

You’re impatient and want to transform your relationship quickly.

you want marriage maintenance

Your relationship is good…and you want to keep it that way + make sure nothing’s building up.

What's the difference between

Couples Therapy + A Marriage Intensive?

Marriage intensive or Weekend Therapy:

Learning + Experiencing

You'll Walk Away With Tools For a Lifetime!

Each marriage intensive is uniquely designed for you and your partner depending on what your treatment goals are. Here are some common takeaways:


Using the tools provided, we teach couples to not only communicate their way through every problem, but to also get to the root cause of their struggles so that they don’t continue having the problems after the marriage intensive is over.

Create a vision for your future in a marriage intensive

Choose your Own Adventure

Your Relationship Investment

One-time payment of


One-time payment of


Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions?
We've Got answers!

Marriage intensives are for any committed relationship. To be honest, we’d rather call it a couples intensive, but most people know it as “marriage intensive”, so that’s what we call it. 

Do you want a relationship breakthrough in a short amount of time? Then it’s likely a marriage intensive is a good fit for you. 

But, just to be sure…we do a FREE 30 minute consultation prior to signing up to make sure you and your partner are a good fit for our program. We can use this time to tailor your intensive to meet your individual needs, as well as answer any questions you might have. 

Yes! We love couples of all shapes, sizes, + colors. 

Of course! We LOVE marriage intensives because of how quickly we see transformations and breakthroughs happen; however, it’s not uncommon for couples to return and continue the deep work. 

Many people prefer marriage intensives to couples counseling for a variety of reasons. We do, however, recommend at least one month between intensives in order to practice and let all your new skills absorb. 

A marriage intensive is, well, just like it sounds, intense. For many couples, this is all they need to get back on track. 

Other couples, depending on their situation, may need more help. These couples can expect to see immediate results, however, it may not be a “one-and-done” event. 

Your marriage intensive clinician will be available for couples therapy sessions for those who want to work through additional issues or just want to maintain the momentum. 

Marriage intensives can be done over more than one weekend but may be subject to the cost of a 1-day marriage intensive. 

Nope! This is an individual, one-of-a-kind experience designed specifically for you and your relationship. 


We can do in-person and virtual intensives. In-person sessions are held in our office where there is coffee, tea, water, and a refrigerator and microwave available to use. 

If you are interested in a virtual intensive, please make sure you can be in a private room, free of distractions, and with a strong internet connection. 

Marriage intensives need to be cancelled 7 days prior to the start of the intensive for a full refund. Because we have a wonderful clinician that has cancelled all of her other sessions to make room for your intensive, we’re sorry to report that cancellations within the 7 day period will charged the full amount. 

Marriage intensives can be done online or in-person. 

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