A relationship workshop


A ONE-DAY couples workshop that give you the tools and understanding you need to go from feeling frustrated and withdrawn, to being close and connected in your relationship. 

Before I tell you all about this workshop,

Let's make sure you're a good fit!

You’re committed to your relationship, but you know this isn’t as good as it gets. You want to grow together and build something better than you have. You really want to live knowing you truly did marry your best friend!


Whether you are...

A couple who’s been in the trenches for years and feel like you’ve tried everything. 

In a newer relationship and you want to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot. 

Actually in a pretty good place but know that relationships take work and you’re always looking for ways to grow.

You're in the right place!

You and your partner are committed to making this work and you want to grow stronger. You know that a good relationship is grown and nurtured. You’re excited to learn new skills and keep your relationship in a healthy place. 

By the end of this workshop, you will...

Have awareness

Be able to identify where you are in the relationship blueprint. 

be in the know

Know exactly what you’re doing to block progress AND what to do about it instead. 

be able to communicate

You’ll be able to communicate in a way that’s meaningful and actually works! 


Know where you and your partner’s triggers lie so that you can respond to them instead of reacting to them. 

be able to repair

Know how to repair relationship injuries in with trust, compassion, and understanding.


Learn the 5-step model that will help you communicate with ease about almost anything.  


WHEN: Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 9:00am – 5:00pm

WHERE: 6646 S. Depew St, Littleton, CO 80123

OTHER: Lights snacks + drinks provided

Lunch is on your own from 12:00-1:00. Packed lunches are recommended. A full kitchen provided is on-site.

Dress comfortably. This workshop is designed for small groups so we can roll up our sleeves + get to the heart of the matter. This workshop is designed for couples who want to improve their relationship. 

And here's what you'll get...

"I had good intentions, but after learning these skills, I realized I only making it worse. Melissa's tools changed my relationship."

-Jon T.

What You'll Learn

In just 8 short hours, we don’t just give you tools, we help you figure out how you got tangled in the first place. 

Grow a better relationship





Couples learn to fight fair in their relationship in Lakewood, Colorado
How to fall back in love




and change the way you do relationships!



Strengthen the connection between you + your partner


Bonuses (value $74)

After working with 100’s of couples, I know where people get stuck and I what they need to get moving forward. These bonuses will help you get your momentum going after long after the workshop’s over.  

Bonus #1: Heal + Forgive
($16 VALUE)

The Relationship Reset is my best one-pager that literally replaces the back button on your computer. Learn how to delete and reset for a fresh start. 

BONUS #2: weekly ritual
($9 VALUE)

Keep the momentum going with the weekly routine that will help you appreciation, gratitude, voice and accountability. 

($49 VALUE)

If you’re stuck in old hurts and resentments, HEAL + FORGIVE helps you go inside and get out those old splinters. It’s hard work, but stuck a RELIEF!

And walk away with


You’ll be able to clearly see what lies beneath the surface and be able to transform triggers and negativity, into growth and connection.


You’ll have the ability to communicate in  a way that promotes closeness, understanding, and relationship resiliency.


You’ll leave with confidence after having seen real change taking place within you. You’ll be relationship ready!




Meet your facilitator

Hello, I'm Melissa!

I’m a relationship expert and have worked with 100s of couples to transform the way they do life together. I have a fun and adventurous spirit that helps me connect with my clients and workshop participants in a unique and impactful way. 

I’m obsessed with learning the best strategies to help couples reconnect and grow together. In my workshops, I take my knowledge and experience and use it to provide an opportunity that’s a perfect mix of learning, challenging, and resolving. 

I live for breakthroughs

In my workshops, I create a comfortable space for you to explore, process, and express yourself in a way that creates lasting change and connection. 

Still wondering if this workshop is a good fit for you?

Let's set up a free consultation

Success Stories


What’s surprising to me is that these aren’t just skills, this is a way of life. 

— Jen

I had good intentions but after learning these skills, I realized I was only making it worse. These skills changed my life. 

— Jon

The techniques we learned were simple, but powerful. It helped us learn how to understand each other and connect at a deeper level. 

— Svetta

*identifying information has been changed to protect client confidentiality

what if you knew you were one workshop away...

making this better?

From my heart to yours….

Listen, I know relationships are tough. And, the truth is, most us were never taught how to communicate in way that works and grow a healthy relationship. 

Regardless of what you’ve tried, this is not as good as it gets. The person you fell in love with is still there, you just need a little help to find them. 

I know a day like this requires vulnerabilitystrength and courage, but I also know that this is start of everything you want. 

hope you join me!  



You've got questions? We have answers!

100%! Even if you have a perfectly running car, you still need maintenance to keep it going. This is not different. 


The skills you’ll learn will help you continue your positive momentum. 

I take 8 hours and pack A LOT in and each module builds on the other. If you are unable to stay to entire time, I would recommend signing up for the next workshop when you’re able to stay for the whole day. Alternatively, I’m happy to do a free consultation to see if marriage counseling might be right for you. 

Good question! I’ve been doing couples counseling for more than 12 years. I’m trained in The Gottman Method, EFT, RLT, Imago and IFS. Though my workshops are uniquely mine, I pull my ideas from many different modalities. 

First, I’m sorry to hear that things have gotten that bad. RELATE is great first place to start to improve your relationship. And though I sincerely hope you’re able to work it out, the skills you learn in the workshop will beneficial for you both regardless of what you decide. 

Yes! We have a team of big-hearted therapists that are trained in all the skills you will learn. Even though this workshop is designed to be a stand alone workshop, many couples need additional help navigating their conflict. 

We’re happy to pick up where we left off in the workshop. And…the good news, you’ll be starting with a strong foundation so we can most likely just jump right in!

You can’t keep doing the same dance if one of you is doing something different. We’ve seen amazing things happen in relationships if even one person commits to learning new ways of doing things. 

Short answer? Come alone and you’ll be glad you did! 

The price is $297 whether you are both present or not. 

Yes! You are welcome here. In many ways the pump is already primed and you’re ready to learn these skills. These skills will build upon what you’re already learning with your counselor and increase your opportunity for success. 

HEAL + FORGIVE arrives the moment sign-up. We want you to be able to arrive as fresh as possible. We give you the Relationship Reset during the workshop so we can actually practice it. After the workshop is over, you’ll received an email with the weekly routine meeting so maintain your momentum. 

Full refunds are possible 14 days prior to the workshop minus a $50 administration fee.

Refunds are not given within 14 days of the workshop. 

This workshop will give your a SUPER strong foundation for how to communicate when things are easy, and when things are hard. 

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with people to make sure this workshop is a good fit. You can email me directly at melissa@knot-therapy.com and schedule a call.