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What happens at a marriage intensive?

Marriage intensives Lakewood CO

Marriage intensives are a way to strengthen your relationship. They’re designed for both committed couples who want to improve their relationships.

What is a marriage intensive?

A marriage intensive is a weekend or week-long event that offers couples the opportunity to work on their relationship. While some people think this type of experience is only for those who have problems in their marriage, it can also be beneficial if you’re newly married and want to learn how to communicate better with your partner.

A marriage intensive teaches communication skills that help you become a better listener and understand each other better. It will help you solve problems quickly so that they don’t fester into bigger issues later on down the road. In addition, attending one of these events makes it easier for couples who are struggling with a major hurt to feel better fast.

Who’s it for

Marriage intensives are for all couples, whether they’re married or not. They’re also for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship and improve communication, trust and intimacy with their partner.

I recommend marriage intensives for couples who have been together for a while (at least three years) but are having problems in their relationship or just want to improve it. If you have an important issue that you’re struggling with (like parenting or infidelity), this would be a good time to do one as well!

What happens at a marriage intensive?

A marriage intensive is a weekend with a marriage counselor. It’s not just about talking; it’s also about learning and practicing skills and finding better ways to connect as a couple. Although every intensive is different, most couples learn:

  • Communication tools so that couples get to the deeper issues and the root cause of their disconnection.
  • Deeper ways of understanding their wounds and triggers.
  • How to connect in ways that increase closeness.
  • Physical tools to help couples feel each other’s presence and support.
  • Skills for handling conflict in a way that builds connection rather than disconnection.
  • A deeper understanding of themselves, their partner and their relationship.

The Difference Between Marriage Intensives and Couples Therapy

Marriage intensives are a way to strengthen your relationship quickly. Couples therapy, though highly effective, takes several weeks to start building momentum. A 1-hour couples therapy session also includes a weekly recap and session summary.

Marriage intensives may seem like an expensive luxury, but they’re actually quite affordable when compared with therapy sessions or other methods of counseling offered by professionals who specialize in helping people through difficult times in their relationships (and yes–that includes divorce lawyers!).


Marriage intensives give you time to focus on each other, without distractions from work, kids or other responsibilities. It’s also a chance for couples who have been married for years (or even decades) to reconnect with each other and rediscover what makes their union special.


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